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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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someone from that car fired shots at the officer. the officer was not hit by the bullets. we have a crew enroute. we'll bring you details as we get them. turning to the tragedy in colorado. nearly 48 hours after an unimaginable act of violence rocked the city of aurora, we're learning more about the suspected killer and the innocent moviegoers he's accused of killing. we've been gathering photos of the 12 victims that died. they are parents, husbands, wives and children. 27-year-old alex sullivan was celebrating his birthday with friends at the movies and the youngest victim, 6-year-old veronica sullivan was excited about starting swimming classes. dozens of people survived the massacre. some of them bay area residents including two teenage girls who were watching the premiere with their friends when one of them was hit. kimberly terry is here with more
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on their terrifying experience. >> reporter: they say this trip to see the movie on opening night had been planned for weeks. they were seated next to the wall that separates their theater from the one where the shooter opened fire. it was about 20 minutes into the movie when the group of teens knew something wasn't right. >> we heard a hissing sound and some popping and sparks. and kind of a boom and then smoke right by us on the aisle. we didn't realize what was going on until our friend, who was seated behind me, started yelling, like what the hell is going on, oh, my god. >> i felt pressure on my arm and it just got warm. i looked at my arm and just saw a hole and blood. >> reporter: the group of 12 were the first people out of the theater as they tried to get
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their friend help. >> it was just complete panic and we just ran. >> i just kept hearing more shots and hearing screams. >> people were yelling, there's a shooter. that's when it kind of hit us that, you know, this was a bigger deal than we had thought it was. but i think we kind of overrode any feelings of fear with, you know, just we need to get out of here and we just, you know, we just ran for it. >> reporter: all of the teenagers in the group say they won't let this affect how they live their life and are grateful to be surrounded by others who are there and can understand what they are dealing with emotionally. >> the main question is, don't you want to come home? aren't you scared to be there? i feel like after something like this, i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. i feel like we are with people that are like a second family. >> you can't have that fear because that's exactly what that
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person wants. >> reporter: they say the hardest part of all of this is trying to understand why the shooter would do this, and also dealing with the questions in their head, what if they had chosen different seats, those what if questions that can be haunting. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00 tonight, president obama will visit survivors of the tragedy in colorado tomorrow before coming to the bay area. the president is planning to visit with victims of the shooting and their families in aurora. white house officials say he will also meet with state and local leaders, then afterwards he'll head to san francisco one day earlier than his planned visit. james holmes, the man suspected in that mass shooting in colorado, has been appointed a defense attorney. the 24-year-old is being held in a segregated cell without bond on suspicion of first degree murder in colorado. his first court date is scheduled for monday. meanwhile, the university of colorado says holmes has received federal grant money to study neuroscience.
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school leaders say he enrolled in the program last year but would not say why he was withdrawing. holmes grew up in san diego, but spent part of his childhood in selinas. the family lived here for a few years around 1988. neighbors remember james as a quiet, nice boy who swam and played basketball with the other kids. >> he was a lot sweeter than a lot of the kids who wouldn't stop running at the pool. he played with a lot of the neighbor kids. a cute little sister. they were a simple family. >> she was a lifeguard at the pool and says she feels sorry for the family and for all of the victims of the tragedy. as police and agents continue their investigation in colorado, we are beginning to learn more about the victims as investigators make progress clearing explosives from the suspect's apartment. jay gray has been following the story and joins us live from aurora with the latest.
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>> reporter: good evening. it's been a very busy day here in aurora as you might imagine in the wake of the massacre here, so many trying to work through the emotions, the pain from that attack. investigators are now getting a closer look inside the home of the man they say is responsible. a plume of black smoke and a flash of fire as tactical teams detonate the explosives pulled from james holmes' apartment this afternoon. those bombs, adding to the pain and frustration from the massacre, and today pushing aurora's police chief past his boiling point. >> and if you think we're angry, we sure as hell are angry. what's happened to our city and these wonderful people who live here, and also what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> reporter: with the explosives gone, they are looking for any clues that could help them to understand how and why this happened.
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♪ i once was lost >> reporter: answers that so many in this community are searching for as well as they suffer through their loss and try to piece together what comes next. >> this violence has to stop. it has to stop! >> reporter: a memorial outside the theater is growing, honoring the injured and fallen. among the dead, alex sullivan, celebrating his 27th birthday. tomorrow would have been his first wedding anniversary. jessica ghawi was a budding sports caster. a.j. boik just graduated from college. two servicemen were also killed. >> he was an outstanding shipmate, a valued member of our navy team, and an extremely dedicated sailor. >> reporter: 6-year-old veronica moser the youngest. her mom still unaware, paralyzed
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with gunshot wounds to the neck. nine people are still in critical condition, dealing with the pain of their wounds. >> i just don't understand it. >> reporter: and the emotional scars, which may take even longer to heal. obviously, very difficult right now. there will be a city wide memorial tomorrow evening. live in aurora, colorado, i'm jay gray, nbc bay area news. you can stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the tragedy in colorado. go to for the latest updates. there you'll find more information on the victims who did not survive. that's coming up in eight minutes, a man who witnessed the suspected shooter buying an assault weapon just weeks ago shares his impression of james holmes. and still to come, the bay area is ground zero for the race to the white house. tomorrow, the president won't be the only political heavyweight
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headed our way. we'll explain. a 5-year-old oakland girl shot in broad daylight. her life saved by firefighters who did not wait to be dispatched. we'll hear from one of those firefighters next. at this hour, a battle between the fog. you can see that on my left and warm air inland. it is a balmy night out there in our east bay valleys. but cooler changes for your sunday forecast. ♪
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it is a parent's worst nightmare.
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a 5-year-old little girl is shot in the neck while walking to get ice cream in the east bay. oakland police say it happened on 50th avenue near bancroft this afternoon. the young girl remains in the hospital tonight, listed in stable condition. as nbc bay area's arturo santiago found, the fact that she was shot in front of a firestation could have been what saved her life. >> reporter: the firefighters working inside heard multiple gunshots and they immediately ran to the door. >> when we opened the front door, we saw a 5-year-old girl who was shot one time in the neck, she was with an adult and another younger child. we grabbed them and brought them inside. >> reporter: four firefighters began giving her treatment. she was losing a lot of blood but they were able to stabilize her condition, stop the plead g i -- bleeding and get her to the hospital. >> we're trained to take care of
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the victims and calm people down. >> reporter: it was impossible for the firefighters to get any kind of look at whoever might have fired the gun. >> there was a car that was involved per witnesses. we didn't see the car. it was a drive-by shooting. >> and that little girl is tonight listed in stable but guarded condition. again, no suspect description has been released just yet. a federal investigation is widening into a mysterious substance that someone has been sending to police departments around the bay. police this morning received an envelope filled with a white powder. it was later determined that it was harmless. san francisco's northern station is the sixth police facility to receive a letter like that. police say what they received yesterday turned out to be baking flour. now president obama and mitt romney will both be in the bay area tomorrow on a fund-raising swing. romney had already planned to
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headline three events, all hosted by the ceo of hewlett packard, meg whitman. tickets for the event start at $50,000 per person. romney will also travel to woodside and to the fairmont hotel in san francisco tomorrow. coming up, a look at sports and a big night for bay area baseball. two pitchers pulled off something unusual. we'll explain. and the bay area saw triple digit temperatures today. were you complaining about it? and how long will the heat wave last? rob mayeda has the answers. plus, when a photo of james holmes hit the airwaves, one colorado man reached for the phone to call police. we'll tell you why.
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and more on the tragedy in colorado now. a colorado hunter called police when he saw pictures of the theater shooting suspect, james holmes, on tv. he says he was shopping at a local gun store when a man he says was holmes came in with pink hair and piercings, looking like anything but a hunter. >> the gun that he was looking at was an ar-15, which was an assault rifle. i just definitely knew that, you know, i had a weird feeling that he was just -- that guy shouldn't be buying that type of gun. he had a weird aura about him. it's not the type of weapon you go hunting with. >> the gun store owner has no
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comment, but they say they are cooperating with police. one of the victims in the colorado massacre was an aspiring sports caster, who was very active on twitter. jessica ghawi tweeted from inside the movie theater just 20 minutes before the movie started, not knowing the horror that lay ahead. she was shot in the leg and then later in the head. now her mother is asking for a twitter tribute of sorts. the colorado rockies honored the victims in their own special way last night at the game, as well. players painted the date of the tragedy underneath their eyes and many of them held back tears during a moment of silence. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a forecast. it is a very warm one, although a tad cooler for tomorrow, right? >> we're starting to see the fog spill over to san francisco. it will probably make it as far inland as oakland and the inner
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east bay. as we go outside, you can see some of the fog really blocking the camera lens. you can make out some of the buildings in downtown san francisco. what you have is fog that's getting squished down by high pressure higher up. marine layer is still about 1,000 feet thick, so it's shallow, but that's going to deepen. we will see a stronger sea please here. you can see the winds starting to pick up now. the temperatures in the tri-valley, still low 70s. so those locations, usually takes another 24 hours for the marine layer to thicken up to see the temperatures drop off. the coast and bay should see some cooling. 90s out there and upper 80s around sanjose. at least we're moving away from 100 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures going to start to come down as the sea breeze cranks up even more. the satellite and radar strew
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shows you the monsoon moisture staying off to the east. a little trough across the pacific northwest and on shore push of marine air. right now it's fairly shallow. today, 90s around the north bay into the south bay. morgan hill, 100 degrees. tomorrow, an earlier start to the sea breeze should mean that the hottest temperatures will be out towards the tri-valley and mid 90s towards areas south of san jose. but not quite as hot as today. so the marine layer and the low clouds hugging the coastline, south of the golden gate bridge, with sunshine at times for the afternoon, but the fog is going to creep back up, heading into the inner bay this time tomorrow and monday morning we'll see a little more cooling. notice the temperatures tomorrow, starting off in the 70s and those inland locations. and livermore, 1:00, you're running into the mid 90s. again, notice the north bay, now in the 80s.
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southerly winds cooling down the north bay a little bit. san jose, still some upper 80s and the sea breeze picks up. the hottest spots were close to 100. subtle cooling into monday. there comes the ocean air conditioning, all the fog and low clouds come back and we see comfortable weather arriving by the middle part of the week. a little hot for one more day inland and you'll see those temperatures slowly coming back down. >> slowly is the operative word. thank you very much, rob. now it is time for sports. henry wofford is here. a big day for bay area baseball. >> baseball has taken over here in the bay. it appears winning is contagious, at least here in the bay area. the a's and giants are two of the hottest teams in baseball right now, entering today's game
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oakland had won 12 of its last 14. and the first place giants were 7-1 since the all-star break. could they continue to sizzle? let's begin with the orange and black. matt cain taking on cole hammels. definitely worth your money for this. top of the third, cain says thank you, sir, i'll help myself. his fifth career home run. tied game at 1-1. in the 3rd, hammels says i got you back. both starting pitchers homered this this game. that is his first of his career. phillies down 3-2. and then ryan howard, this fellow is known for hitting home runs. a three-run shot. phillies up 5-4. top of the eighth, same score. melky cabrera, kiss this baby good bye. solo homer to left. now we're tied at 5-5. later in the inning, runner on third for blanco. botched squeeze play. buster posey thrown out at third
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base. top of the 10th, runners on the corners. safety squeeze. melky cabrera is coming home. giants go on to win 6-5. they're 8-1 now since the all-star break. a's going for a third straight win against the powerful new york yankees. bottom of the 4th, yankees up 1-0. this is a homer to left field. his 13th of the season. tied at 1-1. 8th inning, brandon inge. first pitch he sees he homers to right, his ninth of the season. and then doolittle, shawn doolittle does a lot, striking out andruw jones. his first career save. a's win 2-1. tomorrow, chris, they're going for the sweep. a four-game sweep, they haven't
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swept the yankees in four games since 1972. >> i know. one of our producers was just talking about it and talking about it. we'll have to see what happens. still ahead, the accused mass murderer's neighbor nearly opened the door to the booby trapped apartment.
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getting rid of the explosives stored in colorado shooting suspect's james holmes' apartment was no small task. this is a caravan of some 20 vehicles that transported the ordnance to a remote area. police say he booby trapped his apartment before he went on the shooting rampage. earlier, bomb technicians were able to disarm a trip wire and
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one detonation device inside the apartment. it was a close call for a woman who lives in the apartment below holmes. 20-year-old caitlin fonzie says loud music was blaring from holmes' apartment on the night of the shooting. it was, of course, about midnight. she went upstairs to ask him to turn it down, and noticed that the door was unlocked. but fortunately, she decided not to go inside and instead called the police. >> i definitely feel very lucky that i had an instinct or impulse not to open that door. and it's very scary how close i came to doing that. >> she says she had no idea that the apartment was booby trapped and she was very shaken when she found out. often the worst of times brings out the best in people. that seems to be the case in aurora. people are gathering across the street from where the tragedy unfolded and leaving pictures and balloons and stuffed animals in honor of the victims.
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the governor today announced that $125,000 poured into a victim's fund in just the first three hours. our coverage continues tomorrow morning and find the latest on we thank you for joining us tonight. "saturday night live" is coming up next.
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